1. Centralized procurement mode—a solid guarantee of supplies

    Our company has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with over 300 famous domestic and foreign suppliers, and we have signed annual purchase agreements with nearly 20 material manufacturers. We simplify the bidding process and time to make sure the timeliness and stability of supply.

2. Material management system—the sunlight procurement procedure

    We persist in that the procurement process should be open, equal and fair. Our company has found a bulk material centralized purchasing bidding group which is made of the general manager (as group leader) , the manager of commission for discipline Inspection and the manager of the ministry of supervision of audit. We make sure that there are at least seven material suppliers taking part in every bid, all the members of purchasing bidding group should participate in the whole procurement process, which includes the bid opening, negotiation, calibration, the bid announcement and recording important information.

3. Democratic centralism management--a scientific decision-making mechanism

    We follow the principle of democratic centralism in the bid assessment, the suppliers are selected carefully, and normative procurement process does help to improve the level of the procurement standards. We strengthen the strength and decrease the cost and risk of procurement.

4. Standard management manual-- Unified standard of streamline style

    We monitor and verify the amount of plan, the amount of use, the amount of storage of the project materials, and establish early warning and control mechanisms through which we decrease the unnecessary material waste and loss.

5. Information management system--convenient remote operation

    Information management is widely used in our company, the application of on-line trading platform for centralized purchasing strengthens the application of IT of procurement means. The procurement process is open and transparent, we have built a dynamic management and control system, which do help to decrease the cost and improve the effectiveness. We have succeed in system construction and application.

6. Professional procurement team—high standard support of talents

    Our company has professional procurement personnel and material merchandisers, which make up a strong procurement team. We enhance the overall quality of our management team and broaden the horizons of team members constantly. We organize material management team to the domestic and foreign excellent projects and strategic material cooperation companies for communication and learning. Professional and international management team provides great support to our material management.