Our design research center was founded in 1985, with its headquarter in Beijing. It has branch in Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Xinjiang. Besides, it has Grade A Qualification as Specialized Design of Construction, Grade A Qualification as Specialized Design of Curtain Wall. 

During 30 years of development, it has formed a large scaled team with over 400 designers and nationwide business pattern. With employment of students from Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, our industry influence is on the rise. 


In the course of ceaseless efforts and research, we adhere to build state-of-the-art projects with rigorous working style and advanced skills. Upholding the principles of putting people first, regarding integrity and customers as top priority, we have formed a working idea of creating values through talents, exploring market through credibility, winning opportunity through innovation as well as laying foundation for the future through quality, aiming at combination of skills and arts, unification of design idea and commercial values. We keep fast to a quality-oriented path of credibility, set the design style of sophistication, beauty, integrity and trust as our goals, thus building examples of elite projects and model of design industry.