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  • OWNER: Guangzhou Yuexiu Urban Constucion (IFC)
  • LOCATION: Guangzhou,China
  • ROLE: Constructor

        Decoration areas are: hotel’s sky lobby, space leisure gallery, bar gallery and store on F70; Chinese restaurant and private VIP room on F71; all day dining restaurant, Italian restaurant and Japanese restaurant on F72; standard guest room, executive suite, royal suite and presidential suite on F93-98; sky bar, administrative leisure gallery, meeting room, multi-function hall and private VIP room on F99; restaurant with open kitchen on F100. This project adopts such processes as large-area irregular shape stone mosaic and dry-hanging, computer-assisted 3D positioning & line laying for double-helix staircases, sound-proofing & anti-vibration platform, construction of cantilevered stairway with special slot aluminum alloy, and low-carbon installation technology of imported alumina plate.