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CCSZD Xiaomi Wuhan Headquarters Visual Model Passed Acceptance

May 20,2019

Recently, the visual model of curtain wall of CCSZD Xiaomi Wuhan headquarters project passed the acceptance smoothly.

The inspection team first watched the overall facade effect of the visual template in the sun from a distance, and then went to the template area to conduct detailed quality inspection of the template. CCSZD Xiaomi Wuhan Headquarters Project has made a detailed introduction and report from the aspects of sample design, material selection and quality control, field installation accuracy control, etc.  The acceptance team and the owner have fully affirmed and appreciated CCSZD's spirit and work style of keeping improving.

Since entering the construction site, CCSZD has actively promoted various preparatory work, laying a solid foundation for the successful completion of the visual model acceptance.  In the future, the CCSZD project team will continue its efforts to perform the contract with high quality to ensure a satisfactory answer to the owners.

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